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Hozier Proves to be a Career Artist in Greek Show

The Hozier show was sold out at Log Angeles Greek Friday Night. You were surprised to notice the eight piece line up on stage was half male and half female. It is still an astounding anomaly.

Hozier’s penchant is for socially conscious songs. He gave his decrial of “The Anthems of Rape Culture” in his lyrics. He gives a general female friendliness to his appeal.

It makes it easy it figure out that this gender parity is his conscious effort and his thinking. It makes Hozier what Hozier really is. It makes Hozier so effective in his this short and charming career.

If one is able to bring in that much female harmony while getting also the Ace players in the bargain, why would not he do so on the most practical level? It also makes an excellent visual emblem of some of the dual energies that Hozier is playing in his music. He presents darkness and enlightenment, a cad and a romantic hero, a slick pop hero and a raw blues dude, in his music. Hozier is having lot more going on than just being an earnest good things doer. But Hozier really does do good earnestly.

Hozier focused mostly on material from the Sophomore Album this year, “Westland, Baby!” in his hour and three quarter set on Friday. This album sounded good on record but it sounded wonderful in the experience of the live performance.  This musical upgrade came from the optimum use of the multi instrumentalists on hand.

It was one of the many welcome moments of making use of Kohavi and his MVP skills. He is the latest addition to Hozier’s band. Other times, the improvements on the album versions were due to Hozier playing himself louder and bolder guitar tones. He is something like a Prince this way.


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